How do you call your cat home? Katfone: The Ultrasonic Whistle for Cats can be adjusted to a specific tone; heard by your cat for up to mile away. No more banging on bowls, shaking biscuits or shouting out the window. 

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How much wasted pet food do you throw away each week? Pedaldish: The Lunchbox for Pets keeps food covered after serving.  It stops flies and airborne microbes reaching pet food. It helps keeps biscuits crunchy or meat moist.​

Katfone: Call Your Cat Home

Pedaldish: The Lunchbox for Pets

Petvictus design, make and manufacture innovative pet products.  As pet owners, we make the sort of products we just can’t find anywhere else.  We believe that with the right products, a pet and pet owner’s life can become more enjoyable, fun and carefree.